Do Deer Eat Geranium Crops And Flowers?

There are lots of pests that may make a multitude in your backyard. Some drain the sap out of your leaves, and others chew them up. Some even devour the roots, killing your crops from the bottom up.

Of those many pests, deer are one of many ones that some individuals would possibly by no means encounter whereas others cope with them all through the rising season.

Deer and GeraniumPin

So what do you do if you wish to develop geraniums in a location the place deer are widespread?

Do Deer Eat Geraniums?

The excellent news is that deer aren’t enormous followers of geraniums. Nonetheless, they’ll nonetheless go after your geranium crops below sure circumstances.

When Gained’t Deer Eat Geraniums?

Geraniums have a number of qualities deer don’t like. The scent of geraniums is highly effective to their delicate noses.

In the meantime, the style of geraniums may be very bitter and even poisonous, plus the fuzzy texture feels disagreeable when ingested.

They’re particularly reluctant to eat geraniums in the course of the spring and summer time when extensive forms of geraniums deal with development.

When Will Deer Eat Geraniums?

Whereas it’s true deer gained’t go after geraniums below regular circumstances, there are some events once they go after them.

For instance, deer will munch in your geranium if different meals sources are scarce. They’ll additionally go after your geraniums in case you’re utilizing them as a barrier to a lot tastier crops.

In cooler months, when most crops are both in bloom or have completed blooming, crops (together with geraniums) are extra prone to deer assaults.

Defending Your Geranium Flowers

When you aren’t keen to danger our prized geraniums changing into a prized lunch, you are able to do a couple of issues to assist preserve the deer away.

The next strategies are only a sampling of what you are able to do and are chosen as a result of they gained’t hurt your backyard.

Companion Planting

Companion planting (typically known as complementary gardening) is the observe of grouping crops that profit the others within the group.

For instance, some companion crops could repel pests or entice pollinators, whereas others can really enhance the well being of sure different crops or fight weeds or ailments.

Within the case of geraniums, you’ll need to use different crops that additionally repel deer, making your backyard as unattractive to them as it’s enticing to you.

Some nice anti-deer companion crops are:

  • Alliums – Finest recognized for onions and garlic, many decorative onions have fanciful blooms that go nice with many geraniums whereas repelling deer and a spread of pest bugs whereas additionally attracting pollinators.
  • Bleeding Hearts (Lamprocapnos spectabilis) – This lovely plant repels deer and rabbits whereas attracting butterflies.
  • Marigolds – These enjoyable flowers repel all types of pests, together with deer, and entice pollinators.

We additionally recommend strong-scented herbs akin to:

  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Oregano
  • Russian sage

To not point out terrible-tasting (however enticing) flowers akin to:

  • Cardinal flower
  • Daffodil
  • Foxglove
  • Iris
  • Lamb’s ear

Simply take into accout deer will nonetheless assault most of those crops if there are few different choices.

Deer Chaser

This conventional Japanese deterrent can annoy neighbors, so speak to them earlier than putting in one.

The most suitable choice is to construct a small water characteristic with a pond and a water pump (or little water wheel) to scoop water up.

The water then flows by means of a bamboo pipe into one other piece of bamboo sealed on the again and hooked up to a pivot.

Because the second piece of bamboo fills, the water causes it to tip down, smacking a big rock, making a soothing thunk sound, and spilling its water again into the pond earlier than swinging again as much as repeat the method.

Deer chasers may be tuned to strike on the minute or different intervals, making them useful in scaring off critters, telling time, and being virtually meditative.


Relying on native ordinances, fencing could or will not be a superb choice. It’s because a deer can leap 6′ toes with little effort, which means any fence should be 8′ toes excessive.

These can embrace a picket privateness fence, electrical fence, or double barrier fence the place two fences are positioned shut sufficient collectively that the deer can’t comfortably land and leap once more between them – but far sufficient aside that they will’t merely vault over each without delay.


We may spend a very long time discussing varied repellents and decoys, however two that are inclined to work properly are canine fur and wolf or coyote urine crystals.

Sprinkle a number of of those across the perimeter of your yard to make the deer assume there are predator animals close by.

The main draw back to those repellents is that you’ll have to reapply them when it rains or each few days.

On an identical be aware, you may make sprays utilizing garlic or important oils and spray these across the perimeter of your yard or backyard.

Very similar to the earlier repellents, these will must be reapplied periodically or if it rains.

Nonetheless, they are often helpful if it’s too late within the season to plant mint or different repellent herbs or alliums, however you need comparable results.

Can Geraniums Get better From Deer Assaults?

The survivability of your geraniums will rely largely upon the sort.

Pelargoniums can thrive when attacked, as they’re well-known for having fun with good pruning and can usually bounce again even higher.

Perennial geraniums are way more fragile and, whereas they will get well from some extent of harm, will die if that harm is extreme.

As for annual geraniums, there’s a a lot smaller likelihood of restoration, but it surely’s additionally not as massive of a loss since these should be replanted every year, regardless.

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