Many people think that a healthy diet to lose weight is to reduce the portion and type of food. Though the right diet is not just a matter of how much to eat.

So, how are healthy diet tips to help you lose weight?

How to eat healthy to lose weight

A healthy diet is actually not as easy as it sounds. One diet strategy can actually backfire for people who want to lose weight.

Diet to reduce weight needs to be done in the right way.

Calculating calorie needs

Before designing a food menu, the most appropriate way to start a healthy diet is to identify your daily calorie needs.

Everyone has different calorie needs based on various factors, such as age to health conditions.

For example, obese people will have different caloric needs than healthy people who want to lose weight.

According to the Mayo Clinic website, by …

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By Aishani Kapil, 17, Staff Writer

February 13, 2022

We’ve reached that time of year when chocolate sales skyrocket, Valentine’s Day. And with February 14th coming, the pressure to be in a relationship can feel stronger.

For those of us who are single, Valentine’s Day can lead to some loneliness or anxiety. I wanted to hear how teens, often surrounded by peers and social media, feel about this.

The Pressures

Turns out, lots of teens have opinions on the holiday. “I do feel pressure to be in a relationship at times,” says Kendal, 15, of Barrington, RI. “Society has made it so it’s less acceptable to use the holiday solely to celebrate the other (platonic, familial, etc.) types of love in your life, which makes it feel like I can’t participate in the holiday without a relationship.”

Valentine’s Day can also confuse things when it comes to romance. “There’s this

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With all life’s stress, the hustle-bustle, and melancholy, we often forget to honor and shower love and affection on our skin. Skin, the largest organ of our body, does need some TLC from time to time. November marks national skin health month, and you could begin your skincare journey if you still have not. How could you do so? Curious? Keep reading…

1. Do Not Wrinkle; Make SPF Your BFF!



If you are one of those who ditch their sunscreens once the summer is over, then you are up for some serious gamble. For happy skin, you must be loyal to your sunscreen. Even if you huddle up like a sushi roll under multiple layers during the winter, the sun still touches your skin all year long, so it is crucial to remain vigilant year-round. Long-term excessive sun exposure can hasten your skin’s aging process and make you susceptible to

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A Missouri man who is deaf and blind said a medical bill he didn’t know existed was sent to debt collections, triggering an 11% rise in his home insurance premiums.

An insurer has suspended a blind woman’s coverage every year since 2010 after mailing printed “verification of benefits” forms to her California home that she cannot read, she said. The issues continued even after she got a lawyer involved.

And another insurer kept sending a visually impaired Indiana woman bills she said she could not read, even after her complaint to the Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights led to corrective actions.

Health insurers and health care systems across the U.S. are breaking disability rights laws by sending inaccessible medical bills and notices, a KHN investigation found. The practice hinders the ability of blind Americans to know what they owe, effectively creating a disability tax on their time

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Sudden cardiac death is the sudden cessation of breathing, cardiac activity, and loss of consciousness. It is responsible for a large majority of death under 40 years worldwide, contributing heavily to cardiac mortality. The incidence of sudden cardiac death has increased in light of the COVID-19 infection and the move towards an aggressively ‘fit and clean lifestyle.

During a cardiac arrest, the cardiac electrical system is abnormal. When the electrical conduction in the heart is disturbed, the heart stops functioning, and there is a deficit in blood supply to the whole body and brain, causing the person to fall unconscious.

It can be due to several causes, including heart attack.

What are the signs of cardiac arrest?

The following are the signs of a cardiac arrest:

  1. Loss of palpable pulse
  2. Sudden collapse
  3. Loss of consciousness
  4. No breathing

It is a very suddenly occurring event, usually without any warning signs and

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Waking up in the morning with a hurting throat can be very disappointing. But it is important to look for the reasons for this condition.

So, Why does my throat hurt when I wake up? It might be that you have caught a cold or a minor infection. But it can also be due to an allergy or an underlying condition. So it would help if you didn’t worry about the hurt in your throat, so we are providing you with several reasons for the hurt in the throat when you wake up. We have also mentioned the preventive options for each of the following reasons for hurt in the throat. So could you have a look at them as well?

Why does my throat hurt when I wake up?

There can be many reasons for your throat to hurt when you wake up like-

1. Air pollution –


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