If you end up organising a home theater system, it is attainable you may need to determine on between a receiver and an amplifier. Newbies to this sort of know-how often want help selecting the right instruments for his or her dwelling leisure setup.

Every decisions can improve your audio experience, nevertheless distinguishing between their functionalities can take time and effort.

If you happen to want to know whether or not or not you should purchase an amplifier or a receiver, our data could provide help to make that decision.

What Is a Receiver?

A receiver is an amplifier with a built-in radio half. You presumably can select the radio half from each different enter on the amp without having one different connection furthermore audio system.

These items have been launched throughout the early Sixties to keep away from losing home on counters. They supply accessibility to the radio. On the time, this wasn’t as in fashion a provide.

Nonetheless, as a consequence of their versatility, receivers grew to grow to be exceptionally in fashion and outnumbered amplifiers.

Receivers also can have a visual half to them. Due to this they amplify and route audio from fairly a number of sources, course of video alerts and direct them to a present (akin to a TV, video mission or monitor).

A receiver even presents additional choices, along with a radio tuner, video and distant administration. It has the potential to hold a variety of items directly.

Stereo Receivers 

Stereo receivers play a significant place in most dwelling theater packages. They’re electrical components that decode alerts from quite a few sources. Then, they transmit the alerts as sound via audio system or headphones.

Stereo receivers are moreover used to transmit images and audio to a television. They vary in dimension, compatibility and output sort. Some producers talk about with stereo receivers as audio, high-fidelity or AV receivers.

The draw again with stereo receivers is that they’re solely applicable for audio playback. Their capabilities, akin to radio, amount administration and enter buttons, are useful for music-related playback.

Sadly, this sort of receiver doesn’t help video playback. For that cause, you’ll desire a distinctive receiver unit.

A/V Receivers 

As a result of the title implies, this sort of receiver handles every audio and video playback. Audio/video (A/V) receivers are excellent for multimedia recordsdata and are appropriate with virtually all dwelling theater setups.

An AV receiver is the best choice for participating in gaming consoles, movement footage or TV assortment. It comes with a variety of enter ports that be a part of quite a few items.

There are moreover ports for connecting to your speaker fashions. The setup is right for individuals who want to extend their gaming experience.

What Is an Amplifier?

An amplifier is an digital system that can improve an audio signal’s vitality, voltage and current. These items use electrical vitality to amplify an audio signal.

Amplifiers will be present in a wide range of varieties. Significantly, they’re categorized into small-signal amplifiers, low-frequency vitality amplifiers and radio-frequency vitality amplifiers.

In case you’re wanting solely to boost the audio and obtained’t need video efficiency or a radio tuner, you then undoubtedly have to put cash into an amplifier.

As a result of the title signifies, an amplifier will amplify audio alerts in a linear pattern. Subsequently, it doesn’t improve or make the sound prime quality worse.

Nonetheless, it’s most interesting to note that second-rate amplifiers and amp settings would possibly distort the audio prime quality.

Power Amps

An affect amp is designed to boost the line-level signal to mission audio via audio system at a extreme amount. It’s an digital half that can improve the final vitality of an enter signal.

The ability is elevated to a stage that’s enough to drive output items like RF transmitters, audio system or headphones. There may be prone to be a variation in vitality amplification since vitality amps are utilized in completely totally different items.

As an illustration, an affect amp applicable for loudspeakers may need an affect output ranging from 1kW to 5kW. That is dependent upon the ability rating of the loudspeakers.

Other than that, an affect amp’s effectivity and prime quality depend on the audio system’ resistance load.

An affect amp works together with a preamp to rework a small voltage from the output of a preamp into elevated current alerts. As an illustration, in the event you want to use an inexpensive computer speaker, you need an affect amp for a louder sound.


As a result of the title suggests, a preamp is used sooner than an affect amp. It’s designed to strengthen an instrument’s weak output signal to ship a extreme amount of purchase.

On the subject of dwelling theaters, preamps swap between completely totally different line-level sources and improve the signal sooner than sending it to the exact amplifier.

Constructed-in Amps

Constructed-in amps combine a preamplifier and an affect amp into the equivalent discipline, often by drawing from the equivalent vitality present. This suggests amount administration alterations, provide switching and amplification are contained within the built-in amplifier.

With an built-in amplifier’s preamp, it’s easy to boost low-level alerts on phono-level outputs like file avid gamers or turntables. It raises the signal to line stage.

Nonetheless, it’s possible you’ll get an affect amplifier as an alternative of an built-in one to cut costs within the occasion you don’t require phono-level alerts.


Separates talk about with a setup the place the ability amp and preamp are separate. Due to this each one is standalone.

Often, separate preamps and vitality amp audio setups sound greater than built-in amps. Separates acquire additional vitality than built-in amps and often are inclined to have greater assemble prime quality.

It’s value noting that high-quality built-in amps are inclined to sound greater than mid-range separates.

With separates, you’ll moreover need additional cables and some technical data than you’ll need with built-in apps. Moreover they take up additional home and are dearer.

Professionals & Cons of Receivers 

Sooner than purchasing for a receiver, it’s important to consider the perks and downsides of this sort of audio instruments. Proper right here’s what to remember as you retailer spherical.


  • Cheaper
  • All-in-one set
  • Compact


  • Not preferrred for dwelling theaters
  • The sound prime quality isn’t almost nearly as good

Professionals & Cons of Power Amps 

There are some clear positives and negatives that embrace an affect amp. Listed below are the essential factor components to recollect.


  • Extreme vitality output
  • Less complicated to enhance
  • Further administration over connections


  • Costlier
  • Takes up extra room

Receiver vs. Amplifier: Which Should I Buy? 

Are you proceed to unsure about which system you should purchase? We break down some great benefits of each chance that can provide help to make a closing decision.

When to Buy a Receiver

In case you assume you desire a receiver, these are the most common the rationale why this method is a higher purchase than an amplifier.

Ease of Set Up

You would possibly want to pick out a receiver within the occasion you don’t want the obligation of organising separate components. With an AV receiver, you obtained’t have to carry connecting and disconnecting wires manually.

You presumably can swap between completely totally different audio sources on the press on of a button within the occasion you go for a receiver. There’s moreover the selection of instantly connecting a variety of video sources.

A receiver even makes it easier to attach with present items like a projector or television.

Restricted Space

A receiver could be your best option you most likely have restricted home. Not like receivers, amplifiers aren’t an all-in-one setup.

Most seven-channel AV receivers, for example, could have dimensions of 17.3 x 14.8 x 4.1 inches. Amplifiers, then once more, take up extra room since each half is self-contained.

Smaller Value vary

On the subject of funds, a receiver will be most likely essentially the most applicable different in the event you want a inexpensive sound system setup. Whereas amplifiers vary in worth and design, you’ll depend on to pay over $1000 for a high-quality model.

You most likely have a 5.1 embody speaker system, you might should spend anyplace between $500 and $600 on an AV receiver.

Versatile Efficiency

Would you want radio, audio and video efficiency blended? Then a receiver will be the best choice. The proper half about most A/V receivers is that they arrive with a built-in amplifier.

Moreover they’ve a amount administration, a tuner and a preamp.

An A/V receiver can acquire an audio signal, course of it after which amplify the signal to the audio system. It moreover transmits a video to a TV or projector.

Higher of all, you access a variety of audio and video inputs.

When to Buy an Amplifier

On the flip side, in the event you’re considering purchasing for an amplifier, these are the very best the rationale why it’s best to make use of this method as an alternative of a receiver.

Whats up-Fi Strategies

Preamps and vitality amps for Whats up-Fi packages are preferrred you most likely have the funds and enough home. This kind of amplification system is simple to rearrange. All you need is a music provide like YouTube or Spotify.

The preamp connects to the ability amp, whereas the ability amp connects to the audio system. You can purchase a modest stereo amp or buy a single preamp after which sync it with an affect amp.

Dwelling Theaters

A preamp and vitality amp combination is nice for creating the correct dwelling theater setup. This combination means you could improve the sound prime quality of your A/V receiver or take administration of your audio.

Most are multi-channel amps that are applicable for embody sound. The preamp and vitality amp combination can be helpful for amplifying units within the occasion you take pleasure in listening to music.

Extremely efficient Audio

A high-end amplifier will do the job in the event you want top-notch audio prime quality. In case you’re searching for to vitality a set of audio system, you’ll need an affect amp. Then, pair it with a preamp.

Whereas receivers are cheaper, they may’t ship the equivalent vitality out {{that a}} devoted amplifier produces. Amplifiers are a lot much less vulnerable to hurt the audio system or have noticeable distortions.

If you happen to should produce 100W per channel, a receiver won’t acquire such an output. When searching for to rearrange a Whats up-Fi system with some audio system and a subwoofer, then a stereo amp would suffice.


Deciding on between a receiver and an amplifier could also be sophisticated. Nonetheless, within the occasion you understand how you intend to utilize the system, making a purchase order order could also be simpler.

An amplifier is nice you most likely have a much bigger funds, want higher-quality audio and have the home for a additional substantial system.

In some other case, for these with smaller budgets and home or who want additional versatile efficiency, a receiver is one of the best chance.

Irrespective of which product you choose, it is best to have improved audio prime quality as you watch movement footage, binge-watch TV reveals, play video video video games or take heed to music.

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