American Bone Health joins new coalition empowering women to Know Where to Go and Know What to Do to prioritize their health


While women are the ‘Chief Healthcare Officers’ of their households, they don’t always prioritize their own health. In fact, over 60% of women admit that they procrastinate on their health, often because they spend more time managing the health of others in their family[1]. Meanwhile, during the global pandemic, over 33% of women with major health issues (i.e. heart disease, diabetes) admit to delaying or canceling their doctor appointments or screenings.1

Understanding the tremendous pressure women have in today’s fast-paced society, and the dismal consequences of neglecting one’s health, the Know Where to Go, Know What to Do coalition was created to help women identify reputable and mission-driven organizations that provide resources, support, and education to simplify their path to greater health.

American Bone Health is proud to partner together with like-minded entities to amplify the coalition’s mission of providing women with the tools and resources that will help them succeed in all matters of health. As a participant in this coalition, American Bone Health has the opportunity to provide more resources to the women within its community, while inheriting a powerful platform to share its offerings with those outside of their community. This will allows allowing more women to discover the helpful resources that American Bone Health has to offer.

“There is so much health information available online that it can be overwhelming. American Bone Health is proud to be part of the Know Where to Go, Know What to Do coalition because it points women to member organizations that provide resources women can trust for reliable information,” said Cheryl Hostinak, executive director of American Bone Health. “We also know that many people don’t realize how important their bones are to their overall health, so being a part of this coalition gives us a chance to reach more women with information they need to support their busy lifestyles.”

Women can visit Know Where to Go, Know What To Do to find hospitals that meet the highest standards based on robust criteria that include relevant clinical performance, patient satisfaction and appropriate accreditations, and to find educational, financial and emotional support from trusted organizations on a variety of health conditions such as Bone Health, Breast Cancer, Celiac Disease, Eating Disorders, Fertility, Fibroids, Headaches, Infant Loss, Kidney Disease, Lymphedema, Obesity, Skin Cancer, Sleep Health and more.

Participating organizations like American Bone Health recognize the importance of helping women prioritize their health, and the impact of collaboration to bring about great change. As such, this coalition graciously unites dedicated and progressive organizations in the joint mission to educate and empower women.

For a full list of participating organizations and to learn more, please visit Know Where to Go, Know What to Do.

About American Bone Health

American Bone Health is a national, community-based organization that teaches people how to build and keep strong and healthy bones for life with practical and up-to-date information and resources to inspire them to prevent bone loss, osteoporosis and fractures. Learn more at and @ambonehealth.

About Know Where to Go, Know What to Do

The “Know Where to Go, Know What To Do” coalition for women’s health is a group of organizations with a single shared mission: to educate and empower women to take responsibility for their well-being, understand their health, and increase awareness of their unique health needs. By working together, the Coalition will assure women have the education, support and tools to make her health a priority. As of January 2022, the coalition currently consists of the following organizations:  Women’s Choice Award; American Bone Health; American Breast Cancer Foundation; Baby Quest; BC Lymphedema Association; Beyond Celiac; Bone Health & Osteoporosis Foundation; Casting for Recovery; National Headache Foundation; National Kidney Foundation; Obesity Action Coalition; Project Sweet Peas; Skin Cancer Foundation; The Better Sleep Council; The White Dress Project; and Know Your Lemons Foundation. Learn more at

1.”Women’s Health Today.” WomenCertified Inc. Research survey. Dec. 2021.

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