Tooth extraction is one of the most painful experiences for everyone. Even after the extraction, you need to keep in mind various things. But most people need clarification about “what to eat after tooth extraction.” You should know that if you or anyone in your family is going to have a tooth extraction, then you can feed them. It is really important. Your doctor may advise on some foods. However, I came up with a list of what you should take. 

In this blog, I have listed various food products you can eat after tooth extraction.

Food To Eat After Tooth Extraction –

Various food items help to relieve your pain. While eating, you feel less pain, and it hurts less to your wound. SO, if you are getting confused “what to eat after tooth extraction, my list of foods can give you a variety of foods you can serve

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Forgetfulness knows no age. We all lose things from time to time or say the wrong word by mistake. But when you or someone you care about seems to be forgetting things more often or showing other signs that have you concerned, it’s only natural to wonder: Is it just part of the aging process? Or is it the start of dementia?

Here you’ll learn about the most common symptoms of dementia. We’ll also talk about who is most at risk, the different types of dementia and how it’s diagnosed. Lastly, we’ll explain what to do if you or your loved one is showing signs of dementia.

Dementia is the term used to describe cognitive decline that can reduce someone’s ability to do daily tasks and activities. It’s not one disease, but rather the term covers a range of conditions. So, people aren’t diagnosed with “dementia” without noting a specific

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Rising to the blaring of the clock early in the morning, some of us like to follow those annoying wake-up calls with a dose of natural breeze by walking a mile or until sunrise. Walking offers great health benefits to all age groups. However, there is walking, and then there is walking with the right form. This is especially important for those walking on a daily basis. You could be doing it wrong without ever realizing it. This blog should help make you a better walker with our pointers on fixing your common walking mistakes.

1. Map Your Steps – Become An Explorer!



Walking outdoors is interesting; however, taking a different route every day could stave off the boredom and keep you interested in your daily step count. Get your map out – mark the spots that you would like to cover this week. Your curiosity to explore new places

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When Jerry Bilinski, a 67-year-old retired social worker, scheduled cataract surgery with Carolina Eye Associates near his home in Fayetteville, North Carolina, he expected no drama, just a future with better vision.

Cataract procedures are among the most common surgeries in the U.S. — nearly 4 million take place annually — and generally take about 30 minutes under light sedation. At the same time, the surgeon scheduled the placement of a little stent inside Bilinski’s eye to relieve pressure from his diabetes-related glaucoma, also a routine procedure to preserve his eyesight.

Bilinski recalled being sedated during the surgery in May and hearing a nurse anesthetist ask him whether he felt any pain. Bilinski said no — only some pressure on the right side of his head. He said the nurse anesthetist responded that he would increase the sedation. Despite being under anesthesia, Bilinski knew something was wrong.

“The next thing

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Smoking is inhaling smoke and aerosol from a burned substance into the lungs. Inhalation of smoke allows the activated aerosol substances to enter the bloodstream easily through the lungs. Traditionally tobacco is the most used substance for smoking. The leaves are dried and rolled into a paper, burned on one end, and smoked. Apart from tobacco, smoking marijuana and cocaine is also prevalent. 

Smoking is addictive due to the active substances in the smoke and its perceived high and other psychological effects. Some also claim a trance-like state of mind due to certain smoking substances. 

The immediate effects of smoking on the body have led to addiction and dependence on the substance. This number has been increasing over time, and with the growing adult population, the smoking burden and the diseases due to it are increasing manifolds.

What are the effects of smoking on the body?

The smoke, the burnt

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