What Is The Finest Pot For Fiddle Leaf Fig Bushes?

Relating to fiddle leaf figs, they’re fairly straightforward vegetation to take care of. Nonetheless, to assist keep their development and well being, getting the proper pot on your Ficus is essential. The fiddle leaf fig does finest in a container with drainage holes and is tight or cosy. They’ll deal with totally different supplies and shapes.

Pot for Fiddle leaf FigPin

What’s most essential with regards to a pot on your fiddle leaf fig is giving it the correct amount of drainage so there isn’t any standing water. All through this text, we’ll go over the most effective pots for a fiddle leaf plant to keep up its optimum well being whereas additionally including aesthetics to your house and your tree.

What Planters Work Finest For A Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Plastic Planters

Plastic planters with drainage holes that permit water to run via can be good for a fiddle leaf fig.

Plastic planters don’t soak up any water from the pot, so you’ll not have to fret concerning the moisture degree being too excessive. Additionally it is essential to not include a saucer caught to the pot. Having a detachable saucer will keep away from any points with standing water.

Seagrass Basket

Seagrass baskets are fairly standard and add a country or pure aesthetic to your residing area. They’re nice with fiddle-leaf fig bushes and distinction nicely with their darkish leaves.

Nonetheless, although they’re aesthetically pleasing, you should have a separate plastic planter inside together with your tree in it. You’ll have to water it exterior of the basket planter. As soon as it’s fully drained, you’ll be able to put it again inside.

Concrete Planter

Concrete planters normally are available in a sq. or circle design. They’re minimalistic and are normally gray.

It doesn’t soak up water like a terracotta pot, so with a drainage gap, it is going to be good for a fiddle leaf fig.

Terracotta Pots

Whereas terracotta pots are quite common, they’re an ideal pot for a fiddle leaf fig. Nonetheless, they do soak up water and slowly launch it again into the plant.

To keep away from this, you will need to at all times guarantee your plant’s soil is totally dry earlier than watering it once more.

Terracotta plots are a straightforward, easy option to plant your fiddle leaf fig in. Nonetheless, the fabric does soak up water and should hurt your vegetation in the event you are inclined to water them continuously. Due to this fact, checking the soil earlier than you water your fiddle leaf fig is essential.

Paper Bag Planter

Paper bag planters are much like seagrass baskets. Nonetheless, they seem like precise paper luggage.

They’re very minimal and may go together with any design or aesthetic. The paper bag planter normally has linen inside. You’ll need to maintain your fig in a plastic planter contained in the paper bag planter.

Similar to the seagrass basket, you’ll need to water the plant exterior the planter, and when it’s fully drained, you’ll be able to put it again.

How Huge Ought to A Planter Be For A Fiddle Leaf Fig?

A brand new pot for a fiddle leaf fig ought to be 3” to 4” inches wider than the previous one. Your plant wants a comfortable pot, so it ought to by no means be greater than 6” inches wider than the pot you might be changing.

In the event you give the brand new plant an excessive amount of room, the additional soil will retain an excessive amount of moisture and trigger root rot.

Do Fiddle Leaf Figs Do Properly In Self-watering Pots?

A self-watering pot might overwater your fiddle leaf fig. Nonetheless, since this plant is drought tolerant and prefers to dry out earlier than being watered once more, it’s best to examine the soil and water it your self.

Do Fiddle Leaf Figs Require A Saucer?

A saucer is a superb choice to keep away from water leaving the pot and making a multitude in your ground.

Nonetheless, if the water stays within the saucer, it would return into the pot and will result in root rot of your fiddle leaf fig. Due to this fact, all extra water ought to drain out or be taken out in the event you determine to have a saucer linked to your planter.

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